• Corunna Middle School Academics

    Corunna Middle School offers an ever expanding academic program designed to prepare our students for a bright future.



    All Corunna Middle School 7th graders experience a “Careers” class as part of an exploratory rotation where four key career guidance needs are addressed:


    • Career matching
    • Career exploration
    • Post-secondary education planning
    • EDP (Educational Development Plan) development.
    Upon accessing the career cruising website, students start off with a career matchmaker assessment to determine work interests and suggested careers. Once interest inventories are completed and suggested careers determined, in-depth information on each career, along with education and training requirements are provided. Students are also able to see multimedia interviews with real people in each occupation. Students are required to explore education and training sections for careers that interest them the most, and then look at college and university profiles, along with programs related to the specific occupation of interest.

    The EDP, which is a state requirement, is developed through an organized series of 13 on-line activities, of which the completed results are saved into the student’s personal account, with the final finished product being the student’s EDP.

    Each student, at the end of the rotation, is required to produce a PowerPoint project that represents his or her future career or occupation choice.
    Computer Applications


    All students at CMS rotate through the computer lab each year. Blackboard is the class management program used to organize the requirements for each grade. Keyboarding practice is required for 20 minutes everyday. Students in each grade study Microsoft applications by completing online tutorial assignments. Each grade completes two technology integration assignments for core classes.
    The 6th grade students concentrate on keyboarding, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Internet safety. They use Microsoft Word to complete a writing process assignment for their language arts class. PowerPoint is used to create a presentation for social studies. The Internet safety unit starts with material presented through the I-Safe or the State of Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI). The students use the writing process to complete an essay. The student further demonstrates their ability in using word processing by applying a required list of formatting skills to their essay.

    The 7th grade students concentrate on keyboarding, Microsoft Exce l, Microsoft Publisher and Internet safety. They use Excel for their science weather assignment. They collect data, create a graph and write a compare and contrast statement about the data they have collected. Microsoft Publisher is used to create a travel brochure for a country they are studying in World Studies. A rubric is provided for the design of the brochure. The Internet safety project involves using I-Safe or the State of Michigan CSI material to help choose a topic for an essay. Microsoft Word is used to create a graphic organizer and to write a 450 word essay.

    The 8th grade students concentrate on keyboarding, Excel, Podcasting and Internet safety. The 8th grade goal for keyboarding is 40 words per minute. Excel is used to complete the science assignment on minerals. Students collect the required data about 10 minerals; on separate sheet tabs they sort or filter as required by their assignment. The social studies assignment requires that the students work alone or with a partner to record a three-minute segment of historical material as a podcast. The students’ podcast topic is chosen from areas they are studying in their U. S. History class. They use Audacity to record their voice for the podcast. The Internet safety assignment starts with the students researching for a topic through the I-Safe website or they can use material from the State of Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative (CSI). The students are required to make a graphic organizer before writing the required 550 word essay. The students must also demonstrate 15 word processing skills found in the ribbon of Word 2007.

    F.F.A. (Future Farmers of America)


    The Middle School FFA Chapter has many opportunities for all eighth grade students that become members. Last year got off to a great start having 48 students sign-up to get involved, which is our highest membership. There are many benefits to being a member, including Leadership Contests, State Skills Contests, Ag Olympics, exhibiting at the Shiawassee County Fair, as well as a wide variety of other exciting experiences. Also, students involved have the opportunity to design and carry out a community service project. Right now, members are working out the plans to hold a bake sale to raise money to help out the Shiawassee County Humane Society and are currently signing up for Leadership Contests that will take place in February and March. 

    All students are encouraged to become as active as possible in all of the activities the chapter has to offer, but one thing is for certain, you can expect great things from this year’s members! Persons wanting more information should contact Emily Styes estyes@corunna.k12.mi.us or Mark Forbush mforbush@corunna.k12.mi.us .


    Corunna Middle School is working hard to conserve costs, preserve the environment, increase parent communication and get our students ready for the world-wide work force. One way we’ve been able to meet all of those expectations is with adoption of on-line text books for our 8th grade American History classes. This feature has been well received by students, parents and teachers alike.

    On-line text offers prepares students for class in a variety of ways. The on-line text offers the following items for each individual section:

    • Current events
    • Test practice
    • Geography games
    • Net Simulations: Decisions in American History
    • PowerPoint Guide
    • Social Studies Reference Links
    • Chapter Quizzes
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Chapter objectives
    • Chapter assessment technology activity
    • Special Feature links
    • Flip card activities

      Students can access the on-line text from home!
    Home Basics

     One of the many ways all Corunna Middle School are taught skills that will assist them later in life include a Home Basics class. This is a nine-week unit that teaches how to use different tools and the various skills any homeowner or do-it-yourselfer would need. Students learn how to hold a hammer and how to properly drive a nail.

    They must take a tool/materials identification test involving 50 commonly-used items that are necessary to maintaining a home. Woodworking projects are built using a table saw, compound miter saw, router, drill press, cordless drill, sander and other power and hand tools.

    The students build a simple electrical circuit involving wiring a switch, receptacle and basic electrical wiring techniques. The students also learn and do roofing and vinyl siding projects where they learn the process and work in teams to practice these skills.

    Most important, they learn the importance of safety in working in these areas as safety rules are a major emphasis in the class.


    The math programs used at Corunna Public Schools were selected because they were developed by the National Science Foundation to specifically address the need for United States' students to become more proficient in mathematics. 

    All K-12 teachers within our district have received extensive, ongoing training during the past 3 years leading to a success implementation of these rigorous programs. Each program received the coveted status of "Exemplary Program" by the National Science and Math Foundation, which greatly influenced our decision to approach this comprehensive endeavor using these programs.

    If you would like to know more about the Connected Math Project please click here: MSU Connected Math Project for Parents 



    All Corunna Middle School students receive a nine-week unit on robotics in the 8th grade. Students start from scratch, building a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT robot with a partner, before setting off on a journey with their robot to complete a list of tasks. Each robot is equipped with four sensors: light, sound, motion and touch. The LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT software enables CMS students to program NXT robotic inventions and upload those individual programs to the NXT via USB or Bluetooth connectivity. Students use the intuitive Mac and PC compatible drag and drop software, powered by National Instruments LabVIEW. That LabVIEW software is an intuitive graphical programming software used by scientists and engineers worldwide to design, control and test consumer products and systems such as MP3 and DVD players, cell phones, and vehicle air bag safety systems. 

    Applications include helping to control the NASA Mars Pathfinder exploration to testing the Microsoft Xbox. By using the LabVIEW software installed on wireless lap top computers, along with their creative imaginations, students figure out ways to complete each of the tasks, starting with a drag race and ending with a dodge ball or a jousting.


    Corunna Middle School is working hard to conserve costs, preserve the environment, increase parent communication and get our students ready for the world-wide work force. One way we’ve been able to meet all of those expectations is with adoption of on-line text books for our 6th, 7th and 8th grade science classes. This feature has been well received by students, parents and teachers alike.

    “It’s cool because you don’t have to take a book home and worry about losing it,” said 7th grader Casey Smith. Chelsea Keith added, “I use it all the time. It has a button you can click and it will read the text to you.” 

    On-line text offers prepares students for class in a variety of ways. The on-line text offers the following items for each individual section:


    • Key concepts
    • Key terms
    • Discover activities
    • The entire reading section, including figures and graphs
    • Can click on key terms within the section of reading to get
      the definition
    • Video clips
    • Reading checkpoints
    • Links for additional on-line activities
    • Section summary Review and reinforcement worksheets
    • Enrichment activities
    • Self-assessment
    Students can access the on-line text from anywhere at Pearson Successand entering their username and password they created when they registered in their science class. Parents can log in with the same username and password.