•  CHS Distinguished Alumni Award


     Corunna has been my home for more than 53 years and during that time I have seen many great students come through our district. Some still live here and we see them on a regular basis. But there are many who have taken the strengths, skills and life lessons they learned as Corunna students and carried those with them while serving other communities.  It’s easy for us to have conversations on the great athletes we have had at Corunna because many of our interactions with each other are at sporting events, so the conversation gravitates to the athletic arena.  We have not, however, said enough to honor those who have gone on and had great success in life’s other arenas.  My guess is we aren’t having those conversations because people aren’t always aware of the impact Corunna’s graduates have had on the world.

     I feel it is our responsibility to honor and treasure our past and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of our graduates.  After all, Corunna has had graduates for more than 100 years.  And it’s about time we begin the process of thanking them for their accomplishments as they share the true Cavalier Spirit throughout their communities.  Consider it our way to “pay it forward”.

    It is with that thought in mind, we are going to recognize a past Corunna High School graduate with our Distinguished Alumni Award.  To be eligible for this award the recipient must:

    • Be a graduate (10 or more years ago) of Corunna High School
    • Have involvement in Corunna Public Schools or the school district in which the nominee resides
    • Have significant career achievements, dedication, and commitment demonstrated within his or her profession
    • Demonstrate continual positive character
    • Demonstrate outstanding community service and leadership. This person should be someone who has significantly benefited his/her community through active participation in volunteer activities, government, or civic organizations or devoted time and effort toward activities that benefit the general public, with a specific focus on education.
    • Have earned honors or awards.
    • Demonstrate in daily life the importance of adhering to and modeling positive values

    We ask that you take 5 minutes and nominate someone for this prestigious award. We all know of graduates who have served our community and or another community. After you nominate someone, please help spread the word about the award so we can continue to link the past with our present (and future) Cavaliers.

     A committee will review the nominations and determine the honoree.  All nominations will be carried over to the following year.  The senior class will invite the selected recipient to address the graduating class on Sunday, May 19, 2019, in a brief motivational address. All correspondence for this program should be addressed to Barb Birchmeier at Corunna High School by email bbirchmeier@corunna.k12.mi.us. Nominations should be received by Monday, April 8, 2019. A nomination form is also available on the site.

     Click here for the nomination form