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April Employee of the Month

Michele Lenneman was first hired in November of 1995 as a paraprofessional.  She has also worked as an office manager and At-Risk Coordinator at Corunna High School.  She became an office manager at Corunna Middle School in September of 2016.  She became the lead office manager at CMS in September of 2018.  Michele is responsible for and oversees many of the district’s state accountability submissions, including the district count. “Having lived my entire life in the Corunna area, I have a full understanding of how Corunna Schools is the heart and soul of this community.  We truly are a family! The Corunna staff members are the most dedicated and caring people I have ever known.  They inspire me every day,” said Michele.

Michele said, “Something that you may not know about me is that I really, really, miss my cows!”

Three things on Michele’s bucket list include traveling to Africa, seeing the Northern Lights, and watching MSU play football in every Big 10 stadium. 

“What sets Corunna apart from other districts is the people, and our high expectations for our staff, students and community to be the best we can be,” said Michele.

Michele said, “I have so many GREAT MEMORIES! I will always treasure the time I spent at Elsa Meyer working with Mel Moeller and Kristin McCarthy.  They taught me so much.”

“Being raised on a farm, my parents taught me so much about dedication, service and unselfish love,” said Michele.

In her spare time, Michele said, “I enjoy traveling, gardening, sunsets and all things MSU!”