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About Drama Club

Drama club gives students an opportunity to participate in a creative extracurricular activity. The club works on creative thinking skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, concentration, encourages teamwork, helps develop confidence and creativity. Drama club provides students with enriched learning experiences in the area of performing arts.

How to Join

Here at Corunna we have both middle school and high school drama club. High schoolers can listen to the announcements or visit with Mrs. Lentz for information about our fall plays and spring musicals. Being involved in drama club doesn't mean you have to be on stage, high school students not interested in performing on stage( acting, vocals, and dance) can be part of backstage, pit, and can even apply to direct the fall play.

Thank you for an amazing show!

Your support means the world to us. It is because of you that our spring performance of The Little Mermaid was such a resounding success.

This spring we will have a fundraiser where we will sell gourmet lollipops. We will also be having an end of year banquet so listen to announcements for more details.

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If you have photos you are willing to share with the Drama Club, please email Mike Windnagle ( or Robyn Lentz (