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Today is the day! It is not too late!

Corunna Public Schools
Kindergarten and Begindergarten Registration-Make-up Date
Friday, April 16
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Covid-19 information (4.15.21)

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Corunna Public Schools
Three posting for summer school coordinators.
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Corunna Public Schools
Please remember to vote May 4!

🆀 How does property factor into my investment? Is there a different rate for farmland?

🅰 According to the MICHIGAN Taxpayer's Guide, “farmland may be exempt from taxes levied by a local school district for operating purposes of up to 18 mills . Farmland must be determined to be qualified agricultural property . The state has defined qualified agricultural property as “unoccupied property and related buildings classified as agricultural, or other unoccupied property and related buildings located on that property devoted primarily to agricultural use .” If a property is classified as agriculture for assessment purposes, a property owner does not need to take any action to receive the exemption, unless requested by the local assessor . Otherwise, a property owner must claim an exemption by filing an affidavit with the local tax collecting unit on or before May 1. In some cases, a partial exemption may be approved if part of the property is used for non-agricultural purposes. An exemption remains in place unless withdrawn or until rescinded. A denial of an exemption may be appealed to the local board of review. A board of review decision may be appealed to the Michigan Tax Tribunal within 35 days from the decision.”

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Corunna Public Schools
Summer Swim Lessons with Community Education
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School Specific Plans and Information

As we have new information to share and release updates to our parents and community we will post everything to one site. Click here for the latest on COVID-19.

Three Summer School Coordinator Postings

Three Summer School Postings Through Corunna Public SchoolsSummer School 9-12 Lead Coordinator School K-12 Social Emotional...

Kindergarten and Begindergarten Registration-Make-Up Date

If you were unable to attend Kindergarten and Begindergarten Registration in March, you may still register your child on Friday, April 16 from 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Please call 989 743-1579 for your...