Corunna Public Schools Student Enrollment

Below you will find instructions for enrollment in Corunna Public Schools for new students. Please pay close attention to each of the forms and steps that will be required. We are excited to have you in Corunna. It is Great to be Gold. If you are looking to re-enroll a returning student or enroll a student with our Children's Services at Louise Peacock, please visit the links below.

Corunna Schools New Student Registration Process

We are excited to welcome you to our Cavalier family, and look forward to sharing with you the many reasons we say “It’s Great to be Gold”!

To ensure a seamless and timely start of the enrollment process for your student(s), we are now coordinating new student enrollment through our Administration Office, located at 124 N. Shiawassee Street, Corunna. You may pick up a registration packet at the office, or use the links below to download the required forms or fill them out online. Forms and required documentation can be dropped off or mailed to the Administration Office. Call our office with questions or to make an appointment (989-743-6338).

The following is a list of forms and documentation that must ALL be returned to the Corunna Administration Office to complete the first phase of the new student enrollment process:

  1. A proof of residence – for ALL new enrollments.  This can be a copy of a utility bill, lease agreement, or any other document (besides a driver’s license) that includes parent/guardian name and address.

  2. Official birth certificate – copies of original certificates can be made at our office

  3. Immunization records – students MUST be current on all required immunizations (Requirements)

  4. Photo ID of enrolling parent or guardian if guardian, copy of court documentation of guardianship

  5. Non-Resident/Tuition Enrollment Program (TEP) applications – if student’s primary address is outside the Corunna School district; all applications will be processed before accepting out-of-district students for new enrollment. Both the Non-Resident form AND the TEP Application form must be completed to apply.

    (Non-Resident Waiver printable e-copy) / Tuition Enrollment Program Application printable e-copy)

  6. Schools of Choice – Schools of Choice forms are available by request during the Corunna Schools of Choice Enrollment Window. Please contact Central Office at (989) 743-6338 for information about when the enrollment window opens and how to request the forms.

Required forms for enrollment

  1. New Student Enrollment form – must be signed by parent or legal guardian

    online form / printable e-copy

  2. Emergency and Medical Information form

    online form / printable e-copy

  3. Immunization disclosure consent

    online form / printable e-copy

  4. Concussion Awareness form (parent AND student signature required)

    online form / printable e-copy (fact sheet)

  5. P.A. 328 Expulsion/Suspension Statement

    printable e-copy

  6. Request for Records from Previous School

    online form / printable e-copy by school: (Nellie Reed / Elsa Meyer / Middle School / High School)

  7. Transportation form (if applicable)

    online form / printable e-copy

  8. Corunna Schools meals application or Household Survey

    online form

Upon approval for enrollment, the building principal(s) or guidance counselor will be contacting families to make an appointment to visit the school for tours, class scheduling, and completion of other forms specific for that building. 

Find a printable copy of this checklist here.