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  • Every year, approximately 440,000 public school buses travel 4.3 billion miles to transport 23.5 million students to and from school-related activities

  • Corunna School transportation covers 101.97 square miles

  • It is illegal in every state to pass a school bus stopped to load/unload students

  • MCL 257.1855 regulates school bus stops and associated procedures. The following information highlights the statute and attempts to provide a clearer understanding to all who use our roadways

  • There are two types of school bus stops permitted in Michigan. They are defined as alternately flashing overhead red or amber light stops and hazard light stops

Overhead red lights

  • Red lights are flashing and possibly accompanied by an extended stop arm.

  • The bus will stop on the roadway

  • STOP no closer than 20 feet from the bus.

  • Once the red lights are turned off, motorist should proceed with caution.

Overhead yellow lights

  • Yellow lights are flashing and the bus will soon stop on the roadway.

  • Be alert and ready to stop.

  • Watch for children arriving or gathering at the bus stop.

Hazard warning lights only – no overhead lights

  • Yellow HAZARD warning lights are flashing. Please proceed with caution.

  • The bus will pull completely off the roadway.

  • Remember, buses pulled completely off the highway and stopped on M21, M13, M52, M57 may use the yellow HAZARD warning lights to pick up and discharge students. Corunna Public Schools only have red light stops…

  • In this type of stop, children are not allowed to cross the roadway.

  • Motorist should always exercise care when proceeding.

I hope that you found these safety tips beneficial. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call me at the Bus Garage at 989-743-4666 or visit for more valuable information.


Walking to the Bus Stop

  • Walk your young child to the bus stop and have older children walk in groups.

  • Practice good pedestrian behavior: walk on the sidewalk, if there is no sidewalk, stay out of the street

Waiting at the Bus Stop

  • Don’t let your child play running games or push and shove at the bus stop. It is dangerous near traffic.

  • Make sure you child stands at least 10 feet (5 giant steps) from the road while waiting for the bus. The child will be out of the way of traffic.

  • Be considerate of another person’s property, teach your children to be courteous and never leave litter behind.

Getting On and Off the Bus

  • ALWAYS cross in front of the bus, NEVER behind. Make sure that you are at least 10 feet (five giant steps) ahead of the bus before crossing. When crossing in front of the bus, you should be able to maintain eye contact with the driver.

  • Remind children not to cross until the bus has come to a COMPLETE stop, the bus’s RED stop lights are activated, and the driver signals it is safe to cross. NOT all drivers stop for school bus lights so always look to the right and left to make sure all traffic has come to a complete stop before stepping on the roadway.

  • Warn children that if they drop something, they should NEVER pick it up. Instead, they should tell the driver and follow the driver’s instructions. If they bend over to pick up a dropped object, they might not be seen by the driver and could be hurt if the driver pulls away from the stop. NEVER CRAWL UNDER THE BUS!


Instances of significant bus misconduct shall be reported by the driver in writing to the Transportation Supervisor. A copy of this notice will go to the parent of the student with a phone call to the parent. The Transportation Coordinator and/or the students principal, upon review of the notice, will take appropriate action. If in question the camera will be pulled and viewed.

Following is our Transportation Conduct Policy:

  • Notice #1 write-up is a warning: Parents will be notified.

  • Notice #2 write-up is a suspension; 1 day off the bus - Parents will be notified.

  • Notice #3 write-up is a suspension; 2 days off the bus – Parents will be notified.

  • Notice #4 write-ups is a suspension: 3 days off the bus – student’s privileges will be discussed.

  • Fighting, bullying, smoking, and alcohol, on the bus will be dealt with by following the student's school policy.