The Corunna Middle School P.T.O. is an active group that makes our students our first priority! We have many activities that we partake in, from working the CMS Spirit Store at middle school events to planning the school MEAP celebration, to helping out with the school's open house and CR3 Celebrations. Please call the school office at (989) 743-5641 if you have any questions.


The philosophy of the Corunna Middle School P.T.O. is to enhance the activities of the middle school students, the curriculum and the building. Each possible project will come before the P.T.O. and be discussed to see if it meets the philosophy guidelines.

Projects adopted by the Corunna Middle School P.T.O. should enhance the middle school experience for the majority of the students, having resulted from input from P.T.O. members, interested parents, staff and the administration.

To be approved, a project should meet one or more of the following criterion:

  • To improve the self-esteem of students
  • To promote school spirit
  • To enhance school programs, including but not limited to : Fine Arts and Athletics
  • To enrich educational opportunities
  • To support existing curriculum

Projects deemed unacceptable for P.T.O. support, include funding the maintenance and/or repair of the school and providing every day items, such as athletic uniforms, desks or books.

The Corunna Middle School P.T.O. is not a fundraising organization, but is an advisory arm that provides and promotes input from parents and staff for the betterment of the Corunna Middle School.

Please feel free to ask for a copy of our Philosophy and Bylaws.