POSITION: Special Education One-To-One Paraprofessionals


To work as a special education one-on-one paraprofessional with a kindergarten student.  To work on specific behavior/academic skills as directed by the special education and classroom teacher.  You will also assist the student with developing appropriate strategies that will allow him/her to build positive relationships with peers and adults in order to support success in school.  You will work collaboratively with staff in matters relating to challenges the student is facing during the day.


Corunna Public Schools is looking for the best Special Education One-To-One Paraprofessionals available. Our district lives our mission statement of preparing an unprecedented number of students to be college and/or career ready on a daily basis. Our district is known for offering quality education in a small-town environment with the amenities of a larger community (our district buildings are five minutes away from Applebee’s, Culver’s, Meijer, WalMart, etc.).

Our county’s cost of living is incredibly low. We are a class “B” school (around 130 students per grade level) with a reputation for higher standards; as a result, nearly 40% of our students are school of choice. We have the only inclusive preschool in the county. Our school is the community “hub” and Homecoming is still a big deal in our small town, which is the county seat. Our community is incredibly supportive of our district as well. We have high-achieving athletic teams, and award-winning extra-curricular programs. Despite having nearly 40% of students coming to us via school of choice, our constituents passed a nearly $17 million bond a few years ago to upgrade our buildings. We also were recently fortunate to have earned a $123,000 Michigan State Police competitive grant to upgrade security features in our buildings. 


  • Minimum of an Associate’s Degree or equivalence of an Associate’s Degree, or have successfully completed the ParaPro Assessment

  • Preference may be given to a certified teacher

  • Experience in service related field



  • Assist in providing needed services to assigned student and their family that support a healthy learning environment

  • Work collaboratively with the special education,  classroom teacher, and staff in the building (support services, principal, teacher consultants, etc.).

  • Conduct and document behaviors and academic progress when necessary for such purposes as school/home relations, health, personal/family concerns, principal and teachers’ request.

  • Coordinate meeting with principal, teachers, parents and students addressing behavioral issues of student.

  • Keep updated notes and data regarding student.

  • Attend professional staff development session/staff meetings, as appropriate.

  • Use skills necessary to build strong relationships with parents, students, and staff. Communication with parents should come from the teachers.

  • Implement and follow relevant policies and procedures from the building/district, Board of Education, or the State and Federal level, at the building level. 

  •  Implement emergency plans as defined by the Board and Superintendent.  

  • Encourage each individual to perform at his/her highest level.

  • Provide support that allows the student to be successful

  • Help student with organizational skills, including but not limited to: remediation of concepts; completion of current assignments; make-up missed assignments; executive functioning; advocacy skills.

  • Help the student with personal needs which may include help in the bathroom, lunch room, recess, sensory needs, physical and occupational therapy tasks

  • Consult with teachers to determine strategies for academic, behavioral, and social-emotional assistance.

  • Encourage identified students to set and maintain standards of classroom behavior.

  • Maintain updated list of student services.

  •  Remove barriers to student’s full access to opportunities in the school environment, including co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Other duties as assigned.

DEADLINE: Until filled


SALARY: Per Master Agreement

STARTING DATE: August 24, 2020

APPLY: For full consideration of your candidacy, please complete the entire online application on the  Shiawassee County RESD website   http://www.sresd.org/District/... by the deadline listed. In  addition, upload your letter of interest, resume, transcripts, and any supporting documentation.

Or, you may hand-deliver and/or mail the above materials to: 

Corunna Public Schools

c/o  Superintendent John P. Fattal

124 N. Shiawassee Street

Corunna, MI 48817