Kandi Rivette

Candice Rivette has been named the November Employee of the Month.  She was first hired as a paraprofessional in 2004 and became a teacher in August of 2005.  Candice currently teaches fourth grade at Corunna Middle School.  “Growing up in Corunna and being able to work here and give back to the community has been awesome.  I have enjoyed being able to work not only with the children of Corunna alumni, as well as those that are new to the district.  My favorite thing about working in this district is the family feel that we have.  We are all here to help support each other.  I have wanted to be in education since the fifth grade.  Helping students grow and see the lightbulb go on is the most rewarding.  I don’t consider coming to work, as work, I get to do what I love: work with children and hopefully make a difference in their lives, one smile and piece of knowledge at a time,” said Candice. 

Candice said, “What sets Corunna Public Schools apart from other districts is that we always look at each individual student to see what they need and how we can best help them be successful.”

 “I have two items on my bucket list, “Candice said, “Travel to Hawaii and build a cabin in our woods.”

 “I have two people that have most influenced me. First, my Grandma Kuchar.  She was someone who was very quiet, yet always your personal cheerleader.  We spent many hours together playing rummy and teaching me to make Kolachy.  She wanted to teach me to sew, but I told her I didn’t need to know that, something I now wish I would’ve done.  Grandma always had time for us and taught us you get more places when you treat people with kindness and grace.  My second person is my husband. He has such drive and is a go-getter and sometimes has what seems to be crazy ideas, but they always work out.  He has been my support and helps me see things in a different perspective,” said Candice.

Candice says, “I am a pretty simple person who enjoys the simple things in life.  I can be a little stubborn too.”

 In her spare time Candice enjoys staying busy on the farm.  During the summer and fall her family runs a roadside stand selling sweet corn, pumpkins, and fall décor.  She loves just going out to the barn to watch the cows.  Reading and hunting are also on her list of favorite things to do.