Corunna Public Schools Student Enrollment

Below you will find instructions for enrollment in Corunna Public Schools for returning students. Please pay close attention to each of the forms and steps that will be required. We are excited to have you in Corunna. It is Great to be Gold. If you are looking enroll a new student or enroll a student with our Children's Services at Louise Peacock, please visit the links below.

2023-2024 Parent Re-Enrollment Instructions

As a  district, Corunna Public Schools is implementing a new and improved procedure for the back-to-school paperwork and re-enrollment processes for students.  This will replace many of the processes that have been done previously and hopefully streamline the collection of paperwork during the first few days of a  new school year.

  • This online process will serve as your student’s official registration for the coming school year. 

  • This process will need to be completed for EACH child attending school. 

  • Students who are NEW to Corunna for the current school year and are already registered DO NOT need to complete this online process.

This re-enrollment process must be done by the parent or guardian and requires an electronic signature on some pages. Before starting this re-enrollment process, you will want to have the following information handy:

  • Phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc. for all parent and emergency contacts

There are 3 steps to the registration process. Steps 1 and 2 are required for each student

  1. Corunna Public Schools Re-Enrollment Form: 

  2. Corunna Public Schools Transportation Form:

Step 3 is required only once per family.

  1. Meals Application:

 Should you not have access to complete these forms online, please contact your child’s school office for paper copies. 

  • Corunna High School (989) 743-3441

  • Corunna Middle School (989) 743-5641

  • Elsa Meyer Elementary (989) 743-4404

  • Louise Peacock Children’s Services (989) 743-8848

Re-enrollment process MUST be completed prior to the start of the school year.