September Employee of the Month

Stephanie Romanick is the Director of Dining Service here at Corunna. “Although, I have not been in Corunna long, it’s a place that feels like home.  Everyone here takes pride in their jobs and providing the best experience for the kids.  I will be celebrating my 2-year anniversary at Corunna next month and I hope to be a part of this district for a long time,” said Stephanie.


“Somethings that may surprise your about me is that I was an All-State Bowler in high school and was named All-Conference for three years,” said Stephanie.


Stephanie said, “My favorite best day was my wedding day-9/11/2021”.


“I have three things on my bucket list, travel to Hawaii, take an Alaskan cruise, and take a hot air balloon ride”, said Stephanie.


Stephanie said, “I will always remember receiving this award.  It means so much to me, but also purchasing new equipment for the kitchens and seeing the excitement on the faces of the food service staff.”


“This community truly feels like a family and I know I am supported here, and that sets Corunna apart from other districts,” said Stephanie. 


In her free time, Stephanie enjoys reading, workout classes, trying new restaurants, and traveling. 

Stephanie is pictured during the September 7 Community Breakfast.